Friday, April 07, 2006

W T F My Vent for the Day!!!

Animal Cruelty Charges for Cat Lady

Local News Headlines Animal Cruelty Charges for Cat Lady

Imagine a real-life version of the “cat lady” character on “The Simpsons.” That’s what Gwinnett police and animal control workers found Wednesday afternoon in Snellville.After a 911 call, investigators found a house on Hewatt Road that reeked of decaying animal matter.Police investigators saw a number of dead animals on the property. They also saw a number of other animals that looked to be very ill. The owner of the home, 57-year-old Sylvia Simmons, refused to cooperate with investigators to check on the well-being of the animals in the house. Investigators returned with a warrant, and entered the house to find 19 dead cats in various stages of decomposition. There found at least three cat skeletons. Add to that, a dead raccoon in a freezer on the back porch.There was regular zoo of live animals at the home -- 25 cats, 19 dogs, four flying squirrels and one chipmunk -- all in deplorable conditions. Investigators described the stench of decay and fecal matter eminating from the home.Simmons is in the Gwinnett County jail on a charge of aggravated animal cruelty, and is being held on $10,000 bond.

Who in the hell keeps some damn flying squirrels, chipmunks, and raccoons and pets? Come on now!!! But let one of "US" have a pit bull then all hell breaks loose.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Disfunctional family drama part 2

Hello World!!!!

Ok this is the info that i had omitted........When my uncle died I called to speak with my little cousin and her mother and her mother was a wreck, but she kept me posted on what was going on regarding my uncle and Janay. Well, when my family went out there to bogard all of my uncles things...(oops)....uh..I..Uh, meant.....settle his affairs they started talking to outsiders who were black and did not like Cynthia and they hated on her and then when everyone was at the apartment clearing it out....oops...I meant settling his affairs, my aunt renee ( who is the product of one of my grandmother's affairs the dc sniper child) and Cynthia got into a fist fight and then it really went down hill from there, the fight is the reason she did not take Janay to LA because she feared for her life.

Hell, she was thinking that if they will come to her town just the 3 of them and want to fight then what is to stop them from tainting the rest of the family and have them jump on her too!!!!

So even since then Cynthia and I used to talk on a monthly basis, but I don't know what has happened but she no longer answers my calls. What do I do?

Monday, April 03, 2006

Disfunctional family drama

You know when they say opposites attract they must have been talking about my parents. My mother comes from upper middle class household in VA with 4 kids (her mother was a teacher and her father was a retired from the railroad, ran a package store and bartender on the side, and drove trucks) and my father, on the other hand came from a lower class household straight out of the hood and swamps in LA with 9 kids (his mother was out sleeping around and workind part-time in day cares and cafeterias while his father worked at pepsi) My uncle freddie is technically the oldest however he is not my grand father's child but my grandad is the only father he has ever known but my dad is really my grandfather's first child. Needless to say out of the 9 kids only six belong to my grandfather and 1 of those 3 is the offspring of the "black dc sniper's family"

Anywayz getting to the point......Last Easter my uncle j died right at his 50th birthday, he had a heart attack while driving his truck he was able to pull over his rig out of harms way well when he died he left behind a 13yo daughter and an ex-wife (who happens to be white so on my dad's side that alone makes them hate her) My grandma with her greedy ass sent one of my uncles and 2 of my aunts out to Cali to put his stuff in storage and clear out his apt. Not only did they clean out his apartment they got into a fight with the ex-wife and stole all of his daughters memories. When they went to the apt, Janay (the 13yo daughter) was told to stay out in the hall with her mother until they were finished, so when they finished there was nothing left but trash and stuff that they did not want and told her that she could come in and get what she wanted. Mind you now her father was not only a truck driver active reserve air force and did photography in the air force so he had pictures and cameras and all kinds souvenirs from all over the world then there was this beat up truck that Janay wanted really bad and her mother was willing to buy it from my family but their spiteful asses sold the damn truck from up under them, the trip part was that the truck was inoperable. Now this child has lost her father and has never really met anyone on his side of the family so now she thinks that we are all shady. I know for a fact that her father as told her about me b/c she remembered him speaking of me and when I last saw him at my grandfather's funeral (the october before my uncle passed) he said that his daughter and i favored and we acted a lot alike. I was his favorite niece.

Well anywayz!!!!! (again)

Due to the rift that was cause by my uncle and aunts Cynthia did not take Janay to LA to her father's funeral. So again this little girl has gotten shitted on, for lack of better terms, by the family again. Then at the taped funeral (how very morbid) the family who he has been away from for over 20 od years were getting up saying all of these things about him and they did not know him like that, just that previous October at the other funeral they were talking about him and how weird he was now they up at the funeral all falling out and shit. Then here comes the burial where they give the flag to a family member, guess who's bitch ass got the give up? His mother!!!! WTF is she going to do with that? come on now? you got to be kidding me!!!!

* sidebar*-I was talking to one of my cousins and told her that Grand ma should give the flag to Janay b/c she did not need it the fat heifer went back and told the family we got into an all out argument about the flag when that was really all I said about about embellishing the story *sidebar complete*

Then her greedy ass did not want to give it up....WOW!!!!! After my uncle died she became a wealthy woman I mean she came up BIG time..........she got hundreds of thousands of dollars from his policy.....hell she got more that his own damn daughter got. Now everybody got their hand out except me and my siblings. Now fastforward to now........last week marked the 1 year anniversary of his death and things still have not changed it actually got worse my grandma who has never driven went out and bought a nissan murano and is balling out of control, moved her ex lover up in the crib and just doing the damn thang while her kids with the exception of my father are trying to have her declared so they can get the money.....WOW again! So my sister and i were talking about the whole thing the other night, my dad, uncle, and aunt went back out to smooth things over with Janay by letting her get what she wanted out of storage and give her the flag, i said would'nt it be funny if she up and died and left all of the money to Janay, my 2 sisters, my brother, and myself!!!! What do you think? hit me up!!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Found myself

Ok i have not written a post on sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long b/c i keep forgetting my damn log-ins.

WELL I have a dilemma..I am dating 2 men 1 has babymamma drama but he is good man the other has minimal bbmd but he is a spoiled brat and has a stalker ex-girlfriend. Let's call number 1 "J' and number 2 "C" to keep their anonymity.

J is older than my by a couple of years and has been married twice and has 2 bioligical and 1 that he raised as his own. His first ex wife ALLEGEDLY got pregnant and he assumed it was his until the baby got sick 2 years later and needed blood and that is when he found out it was not his so they got a divorce. He is still active in his "daughter's" life. Wife number 2 ALLEGEDLY cheated on him and had a botched abortion he got a call from his home from the person she cheated on him with (her babydaddy) telling him that he needs to go to the hospital to check on his wife and that he is watching the kids. Talk about bold!!! Then the ex-girlfriend is a basket case. I don't like to disrespect my sista's but she is a mega BIATCH!!!!!!!! Since he and I have been dating she has gotten my number called and played on my phone called me all kinds od bitches and hung up in my face so I decided to call her back and give her a warning and she had the audacity to tell me not to call "her" number, Like I just gave her my number (bitch please!!!!) She is constantly calling him wanting to get back with him then he tells he no and that the only dealings he wants with her is regarding their child. Then she gets mad curses him out calls him all kind of names then he will tell her that she negative and that she needs an attitude adjustment and tells her that he is hanging up and then he hangs up that goes on like 3 0r 4 more times then he eventually cuts the phone then she will call my phone block the number and hang up but what her dumb ass fails to realize is that just because you block the number it does not mean it won't show up on my detailed billing....ha-ha-ha.....she did not count on that!!!! so i printed the bill and blocked out all of the other number except hers and he took it to her and she denied is a piece of work.

Now C is a couple of years younger than me and is a "former" child star and used to getting his way with women but I am a different breed of woman I don't need him and he knows it so that is kind of why he sticks around and also I THINK THAT HE IS TRYING TO WEAR ME DOWN!!!!!!! but I shall not be moved...he-he..i am step ahead of him. His babymamma shall I say this...she's not really his babymamma, he went and got a test and found out Jr was not his son then SHE had to audacity to tell him he was wrong for that but he still takes care of him just as before. C's ex-girl is an older woman in her 40's that he used to work with and he used her and she let him now that she knows about me she told him that she thinks that she is pregnant and this all happened b4 I came back into the picture. Rewind...I met him last year but he did not have his shit together so he had to go, then he started getting it together (dependable car, own apt, promotion or changed hours at his job) and growing up we kinda hooked back up. Well he says he wants someone to keep it real with him but when you do he can't handle it so it's like I what I'm really saying is that I'd rather you lie to me because I can handle that. Come on now that is some BS........What do you think?!

*Retraction: The first and second wife were abused and cheated on by "J" he is a compulsive liar that deserves everything that comes his way. At the time this story was written I was totally oblivious to everything that was going on as I only had one side of the story. I did go back and change the writings to use the word allegedly. To the Ex Wives we all know what the deal is now and he was never worth the BS and drama he put all of us through but I am glad that we are cool and have mad respect for each other.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back Again

I am back again the last time I tried to blog I forgot all of my information to log back in SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO here it goes.....I am a pretty laid back type of female always cool with the fellas to the point that I am an honorary member of the boys club. But why can't I be the one that they fall in love with? I know that the key to a great relationship is friendship but I got that in the in the bag. So what's next? The guys that I meet in the dating arena seem to like drama and I guess i just don't have enough for them. I will tell you my story and hopefully you will give me some feedback...Later

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